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"Do what you love and love what you do"| A Galgotias University Student/MIT Trainee's Advice on EC's

We had the opportunity of interviewing Kumar Divya Mani, an alum from Galgotias University in Greater Noida, India about: Extracurriculars

Here are some of his qualifications:

  • a machine learning facilitator at Google until 2019

  • former leader of the robotics club at Galgotias

  • current trainee at the MIT & IDSS Applied Data Science Bootcamp

  • and upcoming affiliate alumni of MIT

Here are some important words he shares

  • "I believe life is full of surprises, you know."

  • "One must never cease to explore the various facets of it."

  • "Unfortunately, here the educational wire-frame is primitive and rigid."

Q: Did you think your extracurriculars helped you find your interests or did you seek extracurriculars that conformed to your interests?

A: Both. I believe life is full of surprises, you know. One must never cease to explore the various facets of it. I never understood what credit and debit even mean, and what does Dow Jones even reflect. My financial curiosity exploded when I tried to learn about entrepreneurship that had terms like IPO, Shares, and much more. I used to think biology was not my cup of tea. But when I read about stem cells and how medicine works, it blew my mind. And now, I wish to do something remarkable in Biotech.

Q: What type of organizations or clubs were you involved in high school/college that you feel are note-worthy?

A: Sports club in high school. Robotics club in college.

Q: As the leader of the Robotics club while you were in college, what were your responsibilities and how did you land that role?

A: As a leader, my roles were to organize events(workshops) and competitions. In my sophomore year, I approached the committee of the club and told them upfront that I wish to lead this particular club. It was a challenge initially, but I managed to pull it off.

Q: For some of your major extracurriculars, roughly how many hours a week did you spend involved in it (preparing for competitions, attending meetings, etc)?

A: There's no explicit answer to it. Usually, if we had an event in a week I used to spend significant time on it. Other than that, it usually used to be a small meetup.

Q: Were you involved in a variety of activities or did you focus on one theme in all your extracurriculars?

A: I wanted to get involved in various activities like - Mathematical society, Space society, AI society, etc. Unfortunately, here the educational wire-frame is primitive and rigid. I never got a chance to get involved in anything else other than Robotics and Computer Science.

Learn more about Kumar and his experience on his LinkedIn account.

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