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"Join a community where you can thrive and not just survive."| A UPenn Student on Top Uni's

We had the privilege of interviewing Juan Ramirez,

  • a student at Wharton School of Business of UPENN, Ivy League university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • the founder and CEO of Pagame

We asked for some experience about: Getting into Top Uni's

Here are some important words he shares:

  • "Most of the opportunities I get them externally and pursue them myself"

  • "It's very work hard play hard type of business, which is, I guess if you like that it's a it's a perfect place to be."

Q: Why did you choose UPenn and what did it have to offer to you specifically?

- Firstly, I always wanted to study business because I wanted to go through this entrepreneurial route and have hands-on experience in this matter. Then, Wharton was the best ranked Business School at that time, so that was a major factor.

- Secondly, I wanted to be in a community that was social, and I could really get to know people from all around the world, an international community. That was one of the factors of why I decided to apply here. It's been a great decision because, as I expected, I made friends all over the world

- It's been really fun, not only academically, but socially. You get to really know people. And I feel I've been prepared really well, and now applying this into the FinTech world or Latin America. I've been feeling very comfortable with the knowledge and the experience I've gotten here. I've had some ease in getting to these places because of the contacts and people I've met here, which is amazing.

Q: What type of projects did you undertake on your own in high school such as experiments for example, nonprofit research, internship, etc.?

- I was very involved in school and in finance

- I was the President of the Student Council. I was also the captain of the soccer team. I liked soccer a lot. I also had my community service project. I had my foundation to play different types of sports with people with physical and mental disabilities.

- Also, in high school, I participated in a lot of summer business programs, both in Columbia and here at Wharton, which was amazing. I really got to meet a lot of people that I later joined into Medicare in college. I was always very involved in soccer. I used to play soccer a lot, I was also very involved in soccer teams, both internally and externally as well.

Q: What type of person or student do you think would fit well going to UPenn?

A: I think going to UPenn, someone that's social, that likes to talk to people and wants this international perspective, I think that's very important. And people that are passionate about what they do, it’s something that I love here is everyone is very passionate about going about with the things and really work hard to achieve it. It's very work hard play hard type of business, which is, I guess if you like that it's a it's a perfect place to be.

Q: Do you think that the opportunities in your high school were more or less the reason you got into the schools you got into or the ones you created for yourself?

A: I think definitely like going to a school where you're surrounded by people that are doing similar activities, and you know, what kind of the path is, but most of the opportunities I get them externally and pursue them myself.

Q: What was your main focus or priorities in high school that you think helped you get into UPenn?

A: They really care about leadership positions. That's something I've noticed. Mostly all the people I've met here were Student Council presidents. Just now, when I was at brunch, I think all the people at the table were student council presidents in high school. So I think that's a common characteristic, some sort of ability, some sort of leadership position. I think that it’s being able, they really care about people that are able to lead a group and are able to speak in public.


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