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"Great things never came from comfort zones." | A UNC-Chapel Hill Student on High School Courses

We had the privilege of interviewing AW via Google Doc and asked for some experience about: High School Courses

AW is currently a student at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in sociology and psychology.

Here is a piece of wisdom she shares:

  • "Study effectively, don’t study what you already know."

Q: With your course load and extracurriculars, how did you manage to find time to complete assignments and study?

A: Put your phone in another room and take breaks only when you know you deserve them. Study effectively, don’t study what you already know. Target your weaknesses and study smarter, not harder! Efficiency is key.

Q: How did you decide what courses to take? (interest, GPA, college credit, etc.)

A: GPA. It just made sense to take the more challenging courses and strive for a higher weighted GPA.

Q: What did you have to sacrifice in high school in order to do well academically?

A: Honestly, not a ton? I personally never had to pull an all-nighter for school.

Q: Do you think that you benefited more from your AP classes or from your extracurricular activities?

A: Extracurriculars for sure. Really only like a handful of the AP classes I took stuck with me and stretched me to be a better student and studier.

Q: Which AP classes did you find most difficult?

A: Chemistry was tough but there is no one more suited to teach it than Gallagher (teacher).

Q: How did you do in AP courses qualitatively and quantitatively?

A: I got A’s in all of them except chem and APES. Chem because it was hard and APES because I slacked a little.

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