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Find out what NCSSM is like from an alum.

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

We had the privilege of interviewing Mathew Lin,

  • a student at Ivy League university, Cornell in New York

  • an alum of NCSSM

And asked advice on: Attending to NCSSM.

Here's a main point he stresses:

  • "I did everything with my friends, and that social interaction helped my mental health."

Q: What motivated you to go to NCSSM?

A: To be honest, it was simply just my friends applying. I had little idea of what NCSSM really was.

Q: Even if you didn’t like math or science, would you recommend going to NCSSM?

A: Yes! There are so many opportunities and interesting people to meet.

Q: Do you think the workload was a lot more difficult and the courses more rigorous at NCSSM?

A: Much, much more difficult.

Q: How did you practice responsibility and self-control at NCSSM without your parents there?

A: I surrounded myself with a good friend who had the same values as I did; they kept me in check.

Q: Was it your choice or your parent’s choice for you to attend?

A: Both my parents and I wanted me to attend NCSSM.

Q: Did NCSSM help you through the process of applying for colleges?

A: Yes, I do not believe I would’ve gotten into the colleges that I did had it not been for NCSSM.

Q: How did you balance your social life, health, and workload?

A: I did everything with my friends so these three things blended together. Work was made more fun by being with my friends, and that social interaction helped my mental health.

Q: Did you ever regret going to NCSSM? If so, why?

A: There are small regrets I have while I was there, but looking back I appreciate the experience.

Fun question: how’s the food at NCSSM?

A: Extremely mediocre.

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