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Along with our staple interviews and articles, we provide free-of-cost resources that may be of use to you. From our comprehensive guide on applying to college internationally in the UK, Singapore, Canada, and Australia, to opportunities we've researched, these resources are all at your disposal.



Comprehensive Guide to Applying to
Colleges Internationally

Learn about applying to universities in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore in our downloadable and copy-able documents with information on the pre-application process, the application process, and the post-application process. We designed these detailed and comprehensive guides for students to use while going through this process. We've included the original website sources used so that you may access them to research more.

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We know it may get overwhelming with balancing school, extracurriculars, applications, and the list goes on. Not to mention, with so much on our minds, we tend to miss valuable opportunities that require both time and dedicated google searches. And so we decided to provide that for you, at your convenience. Our team compiles a monthly list of upcoming deadlines for scholarships and programs, as well as job opportunities and more - again, free-of-cost and readily available. All we ask of you is to sign up for our E-Newsletter, and next month’s issue will soon be in your inbox. 






AlumniAnswers's Panels

Take a listen to our 2021 summer panels to gain insights from college alumni and students on high school and college. We ask our panelists about their regrets and mistakes, but most importantly, their lessons. 

1) In our college application and extracurriculars panel, students from top schools in the nation such as Georgetown and UPenn describe their college application process and how they believe they strengthened their essay whether by incorporating hobbies, extracurricular activities or simply a passion. 

2) In this panel, students from well-known public universities such as UNC to the Ivy Leagues to Oxford University in England describe their extracurricular experiences and passions. Reflecting upon what they did in their high school years to get them to where they are today, these panelists take a deep dive into how they spent their summers, their internships, and much more.

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