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"If you don't try, there's no opportunity to succeed." | A Virginia Tech Student on Extracurriculars

We had the great opportunity of interviewing Joshita Padala, a student from Virginia Tech about: Extracurriculars

Here are some of her qualifications:

  • Education Junior chair in the Association for Women in Computing at Virginia Tech

  • Public Relations chair for the VT Science Olympiad

  • Majoring in Computer Science

Here are some important words she shares:

  • "Initially, I was involved in all different types. But as I got to junior and senior year, I made sure to narrow it down to just clubs related to engineering, academics and music. "

Q: What type of organizations or clubs were you involved in in high school that you feel are noteworthy?

A: Technology Student Association (TSA), Knights in Action (volunteering), National Honors Society and Tri-M National music honors society.

Q: Were you more involved in competitive teams/clubs or were you in more leadership positions?

A: I did Technology Student Association, from 10th-12th grade. I competed in regional and state tournaments and was able to even go to nationals once. During senior year, I was the Vice President. I also competed in some Speech tournaments during my Freshman year. So in conclusion I was both involved in leadership and competitive aspects.

Q: How did you determine what extracurriculars to join? Friend recommendations, parents, personal interests, etc.

A: Initially, when I first got to high school I kinda joined everything that other families recommended. So in Freshman year, I was in all different kinds of clubs, including: Speech and Debate and The Cross Country team for the high school. Later on in the year, I realized that maybe not everything is for me, but it was a good experience because I was able to see which clubs were for me and what were not.

Q: Did you ever prioritize your extracurriculars above your schoolwork or grades?

A: Only when the competition came close. Because we had to spend extra time to finalize everything, and make it perfect.

Q: Were you involved in a variety of activities or did you focus on one theme in all your extracurriculars?

A: Initially, I was involved in all different types. But as I got to junior and senior year, I made sure to narrow it down to just clubs related to engineering, academics and music.

Q: For some of your major extracurriculars, roughly how many hours a week did you spend involved in it (preparing for competitions, attending meetings, etc)?

A: It was different week to week. For example when the date for the competition came closer we obviously had more work but other than that at max like 10 hours a week.

Q: Did any of your extracurriculars shape your future or are related to what career path you want to pursue?

A: Mostly TSA (Technology Student Association) Because initially I knew I wanted to pursue a major in Engineering but I wasn’t sure what. But after exploring all the different events in TSA relating to different specializations in Engineering I knew I wanted to pursue Computer Science.

Q: Did your courses and extracurriculars correlate or have they been mutually beneficial?

A: Mutually beneficial

Q: In volunteering, did you volunteer in a field you would consider for a future career?

A: I wanted to go into Biomedical Engineering in the beginning so I volunteered for Novant Health hoping to get an insight in the biomedical field.

Learn more about Joshita and her experience on her LinkedIn account.

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