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Introducing AlumniAnswers Articles |

AlumniAnswers is starting a new project! We want to provide you with not just advice, but insight on topics that our interviewees touch on so often, so that you can understand the details to the bigger picture. This introductory post is for us to formally introduce the articles and what they'll entail. Stay tuned!

What are articles?

Articles are our casual way of talking to you and our community about things we have been learning and researching about. We’ll be diving deep into topics that we think are pertinent and interesting - topics which our interviews don't always cover. Everything from extracurriculars, to the admissions process, to specific colleges! Whatever you want to know about, we’ll try to talk about. If you have something you want us to discuss, go ahead and submit a question in the contact tab and we’ll get on with providing that resource for you!

What will we be writing about?

As we said earlier, we’ll be talking about a wide range of topics and getting into the specifics about all of them as much as we can. And if you feel like you still don’t have the right idea, just reach out and we’ll get that covered, no problem.

Who will be writing them?

Since our team has grown, we’ve been able to work with hard-working high schoolers who will help research and create the content in our articles. In the future, we plan to have our alumni ambassadors (our past interviewees from top-tier institutions) write articles on specific topics as well!

How can you contribute or help?

While we are currently not open up to audience posts, we would love to get your feedback on our posts or give us suggestions for something pertinent to you.

What format will the articles be in?

Our articles posts will not be in the typical Q & A format our interviews are in. Instead, they will be written as articles with a quick summary at the top, key points under, a few images, and some quotes that are important to remember. This way, no matter how much time you have, you'll still be able to take something away from reading.

How often will we post these?

For the beginning, as we tread in the waters of writing and researching, we’ll stick with alternating them with interviewees every once in a while. But once we get the hang of it, we’ll definitely be working to get you the content you need!

Final words...

Articles are our way of providing you with not just advice, but facts, figures, researched opinions, and conclusions so that you can make the most educated decision about your education.


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